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SAMPLE PAPER NCHMCT JEE | National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology |

PART – 1
1. The cost of a book is 75 ps plus 75% of its total
price. What is the price of the book ?
A) Rs. 1.50
B) Rs. 3.50
C) Rs. 3.75
D) None of the above
5. A certain given number is divisible by 6 and 8 both.
Then which of the following numbers does not
necessarily divide the given number ?
A) 3
B) 12
C) 24
D) 48
2. How many prime numbers are there between 1 and10?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 8
D) 3
6. A force of 100 dynes acts on a mass of 5 gms for
10 seconds. Find the change in momentum .
A) 10 C.G.S. Units
B) 100 C.G.S. Units
C) 1000 C.G.S. Units
D) 10000 C.G.S. Units
3. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 11?
A) 72594833
B) 98673905
C) 1642710455
D) 365479811
7. What horse power engine is required to lift 1100
lbs of iron per second from a mine 20 ft. deep ?
A) 40
B) 30
C) 20
D) 10
4. If the sum of three consecutive integers is 15, then their
product is ‘
A) 54
B) 60
C) 120
D) 150
8. Successive discounts of 10% and 15% are
equivalent to a discount of
A) 12.5 %
B) 25%
C) 17%
D) 23.5 %
5. A train runs from New Delhi to Ghaziabad in 1 hour
and 20 minutes. If the train is running at the speed of
18 km per hour, then the distance between New Delhi
and Ghaziabad is
A) 27 km
B) 20 km
C) 24 km
D) 30 km
8. Mr. Abhishek borrowed Rs.600 and retunred
Rs.856.50 at the end of 9 years and 6 months.
Thus he paid interest at the rate of
A) 7%
B) 6%
C) 5%
D) 4.5%

Directions (Q. nos. 1 to 4 ): Find the missing term in
each of the series.
3,11,35,107, (? )
A. 111
B. 323
C. 413
D. 513
A) Court : law
B) Injured : accused
C) Judge : jury
D) District attorney : lawyer
2 J, F, M, A, M, ( ? )
A) M
B) J
C) D
D) S
A) Increase : decrease
B) Zero : infinity
C) Calculate : estimate
D) Digit : series
3 BEH, DGJ, ( ? ), EJO, GLQ, INS
Pictures from Q.BOOKLET
4 C, E, H, L, Q, (?)
A) R
B) W
C) U
D) X
5 Find the odd-man out. (Q.5 to Q.7)
London, Washington, Riyadh, New Delhi, Allahabad
A) Washington
B) Riyadh
C) New Delhi
D) Allahabad
6 Mango, Guava, Grapes, Potato, Pineapple
A) Guava
B) Pineapple
C) Potato
D) Grapes
7 Iron, Sodium, Mercury, Potassium, Gold
A) Iron
B) Mercury
C) Sodium
D) Gold
8 Directions (Q8 & 10): For each question below , determine
the relationship between the pair of capitalized words and
then select the lettered paid of words which have a similar
relationship as the given pair.
A) electricity : magnet
B) elevator : shaft
C) shell : rifle
D) noise : cannon

1. Who among the following women has become the
highest individual scorer in an innings in Tests?
A) Mithali Raj
B) Kiran Baloch
C) Diana Eduljee
D) None of these
6. USA has granted the status of major Non-NATO ally to
which of the following countries recently ?
A) Pakistan
B) India
C) Afgannistan
D) Myanmar
2. Who is the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
A) Chandrika Kumaratunga
B) Ranil Wickremesingehe
C) Mahinda Rajapakse
D) None of these
7. Who among the following persons bought the sword of
Tipu Sultan in London and brought it back to India.
A) Ratan Tata
B) Mukesh Ambani
C) Vijay Mallya
D) Kumarmangalam Birla
3. Hamas is a militant organization fighting against which
of the following coutries ?
A) Sudan
B) Israel
C) Brazil
D) Syria
8. Which of the following companies became India’s first
listed IT firm to have crossed $ 1 billion turnover ?
A) Satyam
C) Wipro
D) Infoys Technologies
4. Who among the following has become the first Indian
to score a triple century in Tests ?
A) Rahul Dravid
B) Sachin Tendulkar
C) V V S Laxman
D) Virender Sehwag
9. During the Indian freedom struggle. The deccan
Educational Soceity was founded by
A) B G Tilak
B) Dadabhai Naoroji
C) G.K.Gokhale
D) M G Ranade
5. India has signed an agreement to procure Advanced Jet
Trainer (Hawk) from which of the following countries ?
C) France
D) Russia
10. A black hole is a body in space which does not allow any
radiation to come out. This property is due to its ?
A) Very small size
B) Very large size
C) Very high density
D) Very low density

1. The main objective of the discussion was to find a
___________ and not to __________ him.
A) answer, irritate
B) solution, irritate
C) Solution, praise
D) way, absolve
Directions (Q.Nos 6 – 10). Select the appropriate option
from the alternatives to replace the bold italicized word(s) to
correct the sentence.
2. A large triangular ___________ was cut _________
from the cake.
A) part, off
B) piece , of
C) wedge, off
D) chunk, of
7. I will leave when he will come.
A) will not come
B) does not come
C) comes
D) No error
3. She made _________ coffee and a toast _________ an
electric heater.
A) some, over
B) some, on
C) a , on
D) a, at
8. If they were knowing about the difficult climb, they would
not have decided to come to this hill station.
A) did know
B) knew
C) had known
D) No error
4. The Prince of Wales was greeted by ________ streets
and __________ shutters.
A) Silent, downed
B) quiet , steel
C) empty, downed
D) Open, closed
9. If you were the principal of the college what steps would
you have taken to deal with indiscipline ?
A) will you take
B) would you take
C) will you be taking
D) No error
5. It is ___________ when cultured and intelligent people
behave like children _________ of their lollipops.
A) disheartening, acquisitive
B) appalling, deprived
C) upsetting, snatching
D) encouraging, gobbling
Q.10 I am not going to let you pass on this time. You need
to take responsibility.
A) pass the responsibility
B) take off
C) pass the buck
D) No error

Directions (Q. Nos 11 to 15) Read each sentence to find out if there is any grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. The alphabet of that part is your answer.
11. The syllabuses of all schools have been finalized.
12. He does not carry any grudges against his friend for
not taking him into confidence.
13. She does not get along with her sister-in-laws
No Error .
14. Myself and Rajkumar have been friends
Since childhood. No Error
15. Please given me the binocular I want to look
at the Hill .
Directions (Q.16-20). In the following passage, there are blank spaces. Against each of these numbers below the passage, a choice of four words A. B, C and D is suggested to replace the blank spaces in the passage. First read the passage and try to understand what it is about. Then, Choose the best word from the alternatives A, B, C, D.

Buddhism was _16 to Japan from India 17 China and Korea around the middle of the sixth century. After gaining 18 patrage, Buddhism was 19 by the authorities throughout the country. In the 20 ninth century, Buddhism in Japan entered a new era in which it catered mainly to the c
16. A. Bring in
B. Brought in
C. introduced
D. shown
17. A. via
B. from
C. through
D. into
18. A. imperial
B. kingly
C. royalty
D. emperor
19. A. distributed
B. enforced
C. thrust
D. propagated
20. A. Beginning
B. later
C. early
D. end

Directions: As you read the following questions carefully, please answer all the question as best as you can without skipping any one. To each question there are four choices you can choose from, either (A),(B), (C) and (D). Make sure that you answer each question honestly and try to
choose the first answer that comes to your mind without changing it because the first choice is always the true one.
5. You are a part of a group that has to conduct a survey on
young adults. You will most likely be
A) Establishing a strategy for approaching subjects.
(B) Presenting the results in front of the class.
(C) Doing the statistical analysis.
1. You are employed at a publishing house. Your job (D) Constructing the items for the survey.
would most likely be
A) Operating the printing press
B) Prof reading for grammatical errors.
C) Editing and critiquing
D) Writing the books.
6. You have a fete going on in your college. At the last
minute, you realize that the stall you were planning has
already been put up by someone else. You ?
A) Put up the stall as planned
B) Come up with a totally new concept for your stall.
C) Alter the concept for your stall to make it a bit different.
D) Arrange it so that your stall is more attractive (e.g. put
balloons and banners).
7. You had a fight with your colleague at the office. You
A) ignore the whole situation and start chatting with others
B) blame her and move ahead
C) sit with her, talk over it and try to clear the issue
D) vow to yourself not to talk to her again
2. You are organizing a meal for a special occasion.
What’s your plan ?
A) Whip up a dish of your own and pay extra attention to
presentation and decoration
B) Order food
C) Whip up a dish of your own
D) Try a new recipe and follow the instructions diligently
8. If you want to start with something new and you have little
savings and few employees, what will be your first priority?
A) Generate cash flow
B) Figure out what business to be in
C) Launch products
D) Develop customers
3. You just moved into a new apartment. You
A) Give it a good coat of paint and rearrange the furniture
in an aesthetically pleasing way.
B) Fix things that don’t work.
C) Leave it as it is
D) Go all out on an interior-decorating extravaganza and
try to make it unique
9. You are traveling with a friend in a new city when you
realize that you’re lost. You
A) blame your friend for a while but then figure out how to
get back to a known area
B) call up your parents
C) take out/ buy a map and ask for directions
D) feel the best thing to do is visit the shops
4. What best describes your spiritual orientation ?
A) I follow a religion but ponder and question its tenets.
B) I mix and match from different religions according to
what suits me.
C) I read religious scriptures and adhere to my religion as
it is taught.
D) I have found my own unique path to spirituality.
10. You are appearing for an exam but the questions seem to
be difficult and you may fail in the paper. What would you do?
A) Try to answer as many as you can
B) Look into your partner’s answer sheet and answer the
questions without letting him/ her notice it
C) Ask your partner to help you
D) Go out of the examination room and try to find some bits of paper that can help you answer the questions and also which you can hide.

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